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About us

ARTANDYE, S.L. is a company founded in 2016, in close industrial collaboration with the main weavers and finishers in the Barcelona region.

Our structure has a strong industrial base as a vertical integration, allowing us to offer innovative and high-end products with tight deadlines.

Our productions are focused especially on knitted fabrics for:

- Swimwear
- Lingerie
- Technical fabrics

Our brand wants to be a benchmark in the international market, offering its service, advice and quality fabrics.

We work together, with our clients, listening to their suggestions and providing solutions to their demands.

Art&Dye©  l  C/ La Rambla, 42 2º, Mataró 08302 Barcelona  l  +34 93 519 80 81  l  artandye@artandye.com  l  www.artandye.com